The word transformation has many meanings. Each person will understand it in a unique way. This is the real definition:


          a marked change in form, nature, or appearance








The story of transformation in Pitje Chambers is not only a slogan used of recent vintage. It is one of the fundamental cores of our vision. It is embodied in the name of our Group. We recognised, very early, that the legal profession is in desperate need of transformation. Briefing patterns still ensure that white male practitioners are preferred for the bulk of work coming to the Bar. In our small way, we decided that transformation should be practiced every day. It should be measured every day. We should hold ourselves accountable on a daily basis.

We created numerous initiatives over the years to ensure that entrance to the Bar is supported by this Group. We have created subsidised chambers, discounted chambers, sharing facilities and many more initiatives to assist our members.

At Pitje Chambers, strong leadership and support, ensures that our practitioners of the future transform and become strong practitioners in their respective fields of practice.

The Pitje Transformation Initiative offers:

  • A maximum of 14 transformation chambers available to previously disadvantaged, newly admitted pupils of the Bar, commencing their practices.
  • These chambers are fully fitted with all the necessary infrastructure and furnishings.
  • The transformation candidates receive full subsidisation of all fixed expenses in setting up practice, for a period of a year.
  • The subsidisation includes:
    • Rental
    • Building Operating costs
    • Group Fees
    • IT infrastructure, e-mail management and wi-fi, as well as a desktop computer
    • LexisNexis online research platform