In a growing Shared Economy, Pitje Chambers realised that there is a shortage of chambers to accommodate practitioners.

In an environment where the cost of practice is forever escalating and in view thereof that practitioners no longer practice from their chambers, full days, five days a week, the concept of a Shared Economy must be adopted and embraced by the Advocate’s profession. The escalating costs has shown to restrict new practitioners from entry to the Bar and to furthermore sustain and retain membership of practitioners at Groups.

The new model of Shared Facilities at Pitje Chambers reduces the current cost of practice, at all levels (juniors to seniors), by as much as 50% to 60%. It is indicative that members can practice in Shared Facilities from as little as R6 160.40 (for a practitioner in practice between 0 to 2 years) and R14 296.49 (for senior practitioners).

0 – 2 years R6 160.40
3 – 6 years R8 916.69
7 – 12 years R10 131.75
13 – 20+ years R11 291.93
Senior Counsel R14 296.49


Our Shared Facilities provides practitioners with access to:

  • Fully furnished chambers.
  • LexisNexis Online platform, enabling research from anywhere in the world.
  • 24/7 IT infrastructure & support, wi-fi and e-mail management, keeping you connected.
  • Dedicated consultation rooms.
  • All facilities available to members of Pitje Chambers.
  • 30% discount to Group Fees & Operating Costs.