When we launched our initiative in 2006, we wanted to make sure that Chambers will not be a dull, boring place to practice from. We designed our ambiance to meet world’s best standards to allow our practitioners to spend their time on their practices and not worrying about infrastructure, support and unnecessary administration. We achieved what we set out to do, and we continue to invest in our infrastructure to serve our members.

Where do you find a facility that, with a telephone call, photocopies are being made by staff and delivered to your Chambers? We have the answer… at Pitje Chambers. Our infrastructure is designed to let our members use their full workable hours to practice law and not focus on administrative infrastructure.

The first 10 years were not easy. There were high’s and there were low’s. Fortunately, there were many more high’s. The once rat-infested building has now become a landmark of legal practice in the CBD. Our Group is recognised for producing excellent practitioners. It has produced a Judge of the Constitutional Court and numerous other Judges in the High Court and Labour Court. Several members of Pitje acted as Judges in different divisions, over the years.

Members of our Group were elected not only as the Chairman of the Johannesburg Society of Advocates, but also of the General Council of the Bars of South Africa. Our members continue to play meaningful roles in the leadership of the Society and in all aspects of legal practice.

A slogan has been coined that “Pitje Advocates are the fastest over 100 meters to the South Gauteng High Court“. This is true. We are ideally situated in close proximity of the South Gauteng High Court to enable practitioners to make the most of their daily practice hours.

At our recent 10 year celebration, retired Deputy Chief Justice, Dikgang Moseneke, reminded us all as to what we have achieved. He reminded us that in 2006, we went against the tide and returned to the Johannesburg CBD to practice law. Most people predicted that we would fail. We are still here. Our Group is growing and we are part of a healthy legal community following. We have established ourselves as an important set of Chambers from where to practice law. We foster collegiality and we will do everything reasonably possible to assist our members to succeed in the Advocates’ profession.

We are hopeful that our original vision that we strive to arrive at an outcome where excellence in advocacy will be the only discriminating element amongst our members, will be achieved.

The experience that we gained over the first 10 years provides us with the equipment to face the next 10 years. We will contribute to achieve transformation in the Advocates’ profession which is desperately needed to equal the playing field so that all practitioners and members will have equal opportunities in a competitive market.